Nikkei: China military flybys near Taiwan plunge after U.S.-Japan statement

By: Nikkei

Tue June, 2021, Age: 2 weeks

According to data compiled by Nikkei, Chinese military flybys have decreased since the U.S. and Japan declared its cooperation to maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait. Japan has more assertively expressed its support for Taiwan on the global stage, including sending roughly one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the island. The United States has also reinforced its support for Taiwan diplomatically, lobbying its allies to stand with the island in solidarity.



This event represented the first time that Chinese astronauts have entered their own space station. 8 more missions through next year will add additional station sections, crew members, and supplies:

China’s imports grew 51.1% last month, the fastest import growth since January 2011. Although both imports and exports grew considerably in May, they both still missed expectations: