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Spalding’s Rapid Fire Episode 3: Huawei Influence & Data

Wed August, 2020, Age: 12 months

Welcome to Rapid Fire! Navigating this weeks current events in three minutes or less. Today, we discuss Huawei and the influence of the Chinese Communist Party. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe and I'll see you next week!   [embed][/embed] MORE
Robert Spalding Appears on TRT World

Thu July, 2020, Age: 1 year

Retired Brigadier General and a Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute Robert Spalding discusses US-China relations following Trump administration's orders to close Chinese consulate in Houston in its latest move to put pressure on China. MORE
Robert Spalding Appears on Strategic Insights

Tue June, 2020, Age: 1 year

In this episode of Strategic Insights, the series that brings you thoughts from leaders at the intersection of information, cyberspace, and national security, Brigadier General (Ret.) Robert Spalding (USAF) shares his thoughts on national security and how its changed in the 21st century, 5G, China,... MORE



A contractual failure to meet conditions has cancelled a Malaysian megaproject deal with China. Additionally, the project included a terminal for a rail link connecting Kuala Lumpur and Singapore:

China is creating a new network of roughly 110 silos in Xinjiang. This is expected to add to their stockpile of 350 nuclear warheads: