Sydney Herald – ‘If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy’: Beijing’s fresh threat to Australia

Wed November, 2020, Age: 5 days

The Chinese embassy in Canberra leaked a list of its demands to the Australian government that it says must be met for relations to a ‘normal’ relationship. China’s grievances, as per the list, include Australian funding “anti-China” research; limiting of CCP-affiliated journalists from China; support for Hong Kong protestors; spreading US “disinformation; and more. The list is, essentially, an assault on several areas of Australian sovereignty.



China threatens to "poke the eyes" of foreign governments criticizing its policies in Hong Kong:

REPORT RELEASE: Imminent EO prohibits Americans from investing in Chinese military companies, including 31 companies named by the Pentagon. RWR has identified an additional 128 publicly traded companies that will be implicated by the investment ban.